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What services do you provide?


Here at Timberline we provide complete lawn, shrub, and tree care. Our lawn and tree/shrub spray services are totally customizeable to best fit your needs. For our tree care we specialize in tree preservation.


Why has chinch bug become such a big problem in the southeast?

Typically, chinch bug attack lawns that have a low soil PH. Secondly they prefer zoysia, however they will infest Bermuda and Fescue as well. Therefore, banned-aided your lawn with fresh blocks of new sod often leads to reinfestation of chinch bug. Because, our local Sod Farms typically do not treat for chinch bug so when you order sod, you are possibly getting already infested sod to spread to the rest of your yard.


What are the benefits of becoming a Gold Timberline client?

You get an automatic 10% discount on any tree/shrub pruning for the entire year, be it and emergncey job or scheduled pruning. 




How can I earn cash-back from Timberline?


Here at Timberline we pay twenty dollars per refferal. So if you refer us to one of your friends or family and they accept our bid or service. There is twenty dollars for you!

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