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The aim of tree injection is to utilize the trees natural transport system to distribute pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers to the areas where they are most effective without releasing any of these chemicals in the environment.  In addition compounds can be injected which boosts the trees own defense mechanism.


Tapping into the trees natural circulatory process allows chemicals to dissipate rapidly and effectively, minimizing wastage yet maximizing efficiency by distributing to vitally important elements of the tree’s infrastructure.


Note the flow of the chemical as is it introduced through the trunk. The chemical reaches every element of the tree including the fine root hairs. Tree injection is also an economical alternative to other methods. The tree receives the chemical ‘directly’ therefore wastage is minimized.


Most importantly, injecting the tree is the environmentally sound option when compared to alternate methods of treatment. Simply, a tiny fraction of conventionally used chemical is injected directly into the tree, without any release of chemicals in the environment.

Here at Timberline, we are the first company in middle and west TN to have a Wedgle Direct Inject System that is minimally invasive compared to other injection methods, which means your tree will have a smaller wound to heal.  The less stress a tree is in, the more energy it can focus towards its growth.

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