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First Lutheran Church-Chattanooga, TN. 

"Thank you for your generous gift for our landscape beds. It was very nice to meet you." 


Will K.-Collierville, TN. 
"The tree crew was A-1! Y'all we're safe, polite, and excellent clean-up on my Elm tree!"
Eloise B.-Memphis, TN. "Timberline is a class act! Thank you for restoring my lawn, they are the best."
Tommy H.-Dyersburg, TN. "After receiving bids from multiple tree companies on removing my Elm tree. Scott, from Timberline, said the tree was salvageable, and 12 years later the tree is fully recovered and healthy." 
Jim B.-Memphis, TN. "Service has been excellent in all categories from lawn spray to holiday light installation. Thank you for your many kindnesses this year, as well as the cinnamon bread." 
Sadie L.-Memphis, TN. "Such dedication for performing my deep root fertilization visit during the rain!"
Alice C.-Memphis, TN. "Y'all did a beautiful job seeding my lawn and I'm very pleased!"


Suzy A.-Memphis, TN. "Many thanks for your generous contribution to our Native Plant Conference!  We have a great line-up thanks to Liz's contributions.  Hope you join us."


Greg L.-Memphis, TN. 

"Thank you so much for the vigilance and care. Both properties are Timberline Masterpieces!"

New Clients
Welcoming you to our family tree
  • Bison Builders, Fairview

  • M. Douglas, Nashville 

  • B.R&L. Green, Nashville

  • T. Whitfield, Dalton, GA 

  • S.Dickerson, Franklin

  • S.&K.Cuneo, Nashville

  • J. Larosa, Old Hickory

  • C&C. Conti, Nashville

  • P.Flynn, Lawrenceburg

  • J&J. Taylor, Franklin

  • B.&V. Lamb, Nashville

  • P.&E. Simms, Nashville

  • Lake Life Boats, Silver Point

  • G.&S. Brinkmann, Murfreesboro

  • N.&R. Sanders, Nashville

  • J.&C. Parkes, Lawrenceburg

  • M.Rhodes, Nashville

  • M.Manz, Nashville

  • L.Foote, Nashville

  • W.&J. Brown, Antioch

  • M. Lill, Antioch

  • D.&W. Harlan, Athens

  • A.Alms, Chattanooga

  • M.&M. Andersen, Dalton, GA

  • R.&K. Bramlett, Dalton, GA

  • M. Yambor, Ringgold, GA

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