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My Story

In the beginning….Scott Woods became known for his God given talent & ability to read a tree. While other tree companies deemed it impossible, Scott proved that not only could he salvage and restore a tree back to good health, he could extend its life and preserve it for generations to come. long before tree preservation became a popular catch phrase.

With each success as a “tree whisperer”, word quickly spread throughout the State.

From Timberline’s humble beginnings operating out of a storage facility, 19 years later, because of you, our valued friends, we still do not spend one penny, on advertising, we continue growing because of your referrals. Timberline now has operations in Memphis, Nashville & Chattanooga, Tennessee as a result of providing superior service. Serving clients in outlying States as well, such as, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky & Arkansas, including the Missouri boot heel.

Our Philosophy? “Simple”… Serve and treat our clients and employee’s like family. Exceed their expectations, Take a personal interest in them & their trees. Be sincere. Make time to be happy & have fun.

We invite you to discover why once you’ve used Timberline, you’ll be a friend for life!




Tennessee Urban Forestry Council President, 2018-2019






Who are you? I am Scott Woods, I became Tennessee’s first certified arborist in 1987. 


How long have you served the TUFC? I became involved originally with TUFC in 1992. I also was involved during the creation of its West Chapter. After raising the boys, I rekindled my friendships and shared passion with those I had met through TUFC 4 years ago.“I’m back”! … and ‘all in’!


Why do you serve? I serve for many reasons. TUFC provides me an opportunity to share my passion, love and interest creatively in so many venues and levels! From both learning and educating, young and old, novices and professionals alike, through each outreach program TUFC offers, the experience has simply always been rewarding!

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