Treetop Hideaways in Chattanooga

On March 7, Timberline donated their equipment and three employees making a weekend trip to Chattanooga. On Saturday they met Andrew & Enoch who are the owners of The Tree house Project. Timberline cleared the entire frontal area of non-native Privet. Thus giving more natural light and less competition to the native species of trees such as: Eastern Red Cedars, Southern Red Oaks, American Hollies, and Witch-hazel. Timberline is proud to continue consulting and giving their time and equipment through the completion of this project.

The Tree house Project is a unique green company, who are building luxury green tree houses on the foot of Lookout Mountain. “Part glamping, part boutique hotel, we plan to create unique tree houses that combine the creature comforts you’ve come to appreciate as an adult–luxurious beds, climate control, and the fastest internet in the Western Hemisphere–with the peaceful beauty of being up in the canopy, far beyond the demands of day-to-day life.” The tree houses will be net-positive as they produce more energy then they use, from sources such as solar panels. The first tree house is already under way and they are taking reservations now at:

View from the first treehouse


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