Summer Scale Infestations

While scale is often considered to be a cool season feeding insect, (spring & fall) certain species of scale such as Euyonomous scale and Crape Myrtle branch scale which are notorious for infesting many of our landscape plants such as these. Scale can produce multiple generations within a single day, causing problems such as defoliation, branch die-

back and lack of flowering potential. With complicating additional environmental stresses such as our late excessively cold extended winter and now with the excessive heat and current drought conditions we are experiencing, scale infestations are currently at record highs in each of the markets Timberline Tree & Lawn Care provides service to; Memphis, Nashville, Paducah, KY and Chattanooga.

Managing severe scale infestations generally are best treated by the use of trunk injections. Insecticidal sprays for smaller landscape plants can also be utilized but are often time ineffective simply due to the waxy outer body shell which naturally repel many insecticides.

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