Grass won't grow around my trees! Help!

Chances are, if there are any bare areas in your lawn, they're probably under the shade of a tree. While it's almost impossible to grow grass under certain trees like magnolias and pines, most trees will support grass beneath the canopy. Have you ever heard of fescue? Turf type tall fescue requires as little light as 2 to 3 hours a day and thrives in shaded environments, where most grasses struggle. This dark green colored grass is found a lot up north due to its resistance to cold weather. When bermuda and zoysia go dormant in our area, fescue rises to the top. Here at Timberline we offer spring and fall seeding, but not just that. To prep the area, we first aerate the soil, pulling out 3-4 inch plugs of soil to help with compaction so roots can spread. This also gives the fescue seed to get a better chance at having seed to soil contact, which is were germination happens. We also apply a slow release granular starter fertilizer to help feed your new grass and a granular lime application to help neutralize the pH of the soil for better nutrient absorption. We've had great results in the past and we would like you to consider this application if you feel it may be right for you. Let us send out one of our licensed technicians to advise you and give you a quote!

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