Your Fescue Is Thinning...This Is Why

Let me guess, your fescue was beautiful in the fall, stunning in the winter and gorgeous during spring. Now all of a sudden you could probably start selling hay from your yard. Well, in our area of the country, assuming you're in the midsouth, fescue isn't very heat tolerant. During these summer months, your fescue is running on reserve nutrients and not vigorously growing. That's due to the fact that this turf tends to favor cooler weather more, hence why it's categorized as a cool season grass. You also could be experiencing fungal activity such as brown spot. When the temperature and humidity are both up like they are now, its great conditions for fungal activity. Try to avoid watering at night and if you already have signs of fungus, avoid a fertilizer on this area as it will cause it to spread. To get the best results, we here at Timberline spray a fungicide on it at a two week interval to stop it in its tracks.

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