Holy Moly!

Are moles tearing up your lawn? Digging tunnels in your new flower bed? We have a few solutions.

If you've ever tried to catch a mole, you know the struggle is real. Moles can dig up to 18 feet in just ONE HOUR! They have curved front paws that act as shovels as they tunnel through the ground in search of food. Once they find their prey they paralyze insects and worms with their saliva.

So we here at Timberline have three options to get rid of them. The most common one you may have heard of is using poisonous bait worms that we stick inside their tunnels. We've had great results using the 'Talpirid' worms.

Another option we offer is to use a product called 'Aloft'. With two powerful modes of action, Aloft provides fast knockdown and systemic, residual control of soil and surface feeding pests, including white grubs. This is important because this is a main dish for moles to feed on.

The third service we offer is a product called 'Liquid Fence'. Safe to spray on plants and lawns, we cover the entire area of the property, and after it's soaked into the soil, the moles find out quickly. It causes an irritation to their skin which causes them to vacate elsewhere.

Call us to come out and speak with you about this common problem, you'll be glad you did.

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